Learning Curve

What technical stuff am I trying to pick up at the moment? I suppose many techy types are like me in that they keep a more-or-less close eye on the various technologies and libraries just to know what’s around. Without an immediate need; and without the time or perhaps the inclination to dive into any one of them. But from time to time some kind of incentive or motivation (or need (or job)) comes along and you start to pick something up to see if it’s worth pursuing further.

At the moment, then, I’m reading up on and trying out:

Things I want to find the time for (and the money to buy the books):

  • Windows Internals - to have a better understanding when I’m helping people out
  • New aspects of WMI & AD - for work and to help other people

All of which adds up to a fair amount of reading and so on. And that’s on top of everything I’m trying to do. Good thing I’ve got a 50-minute train journey in the morning.